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Neo4j raises $80 million for next-generation graph databases

Graph databases — also known as graph-oriented databases — use graph structures for semantic queries, with nodes, edges, and properties representing and storing data. They’re
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5 technologies that could change digital marketing – Irish Tech News

by Joseph, Adel SEO Online technologies are ruling the world! Marketers know that offloading every resource you have at a brand new social network, the
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Apple updates Mac Mini with 4- or 6-Core CPUs and 2TB SSD

It’s been nearly four years since Apple refreshed the diminutive Mac Mini’s hardware, but the Cupertino company finally updated the old-in-the-tooth PC’s hardware at its
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Dremio expands scope and boosts speed of its Apache Arrow-based analytics engine

Dremio Corp. is adding a data catalog to its self-service data analytics platform in a major release announced today. The company is also incorporating new controls